Breakfast Menu

French Specialties

French Croissant     $3.00

French Raisin Croissant     $3.70

with choice of 2 french preserves "Bonne Maman" and butter or 1 preserve "Bonne Maman", butter and Nutella

½ French Baguette     $4.50

French Chocolate Croissant     $3

French Apple Turn Over     $3.90

French Toast     $8.50

(Crunchy French toast made with thick slices of Belgium Loaf topped with strawberry preserve and powdered sugar)

Quiche Loraine     $9.00

French Breakfast     $8.50

Regular coffee or hot chocolate or tea,
French Baguette with choice of 2 preserves
"Bonne Maman" and butter or 1 preserve "Bonne Maman",
butter and Nutella and French croissant or chocolate croissant

All our pancakes are served with 100% pure organic Maple syrup and powdered sugar

2 Pancakes     $5.50

3 Pancakes     $6.50

Add chocolate chips or blueberries for $1 (per item)

All omelets are made with 3 organic eggs and served with sautéed potatoes

Omelet with Swiss cheese     $7.50

Add bacon, Ham, chicken, Mushrooms, onions, tomato, spinach $1 (per item)

Scrambled eggs with bacon and potatoes     $8.00

French American friendship     $12

Coffee or hot chocolate or tea
Scrambled eggs with bacon and potatoes
Sweet French crêpes (sugar or jam)

Breakfast Sandwiches

Ham Croissant     $6

Croissant with ham and Swiss cheese

Bagel with cream cheese     $2.80

Croque-Madame     $8.50

Cooked Italian ham, Swiss cheese, sunny side egg on toasts

Salmon Bagel     $9.50

Smoked Salmon*, cream cheese, onion, capers

Authentic French Crepes
Homemade with organic unbleached white flour, organic eggs and whole milk

Savory Crepes

La Complete     $9.50

Italian ham, Swiss cheese, sunny side egg.

La Campagnarde     $10

bacon, Swiss cheese, mushrooms, potatoes, onions

Oceane     $11.50

smoked salmon, onion, creamy dill sauce.

Add one egg for $1     $

Sweet Crepes

Au Sucre     $3.80

Sugar and butter and whipped cream

Au Nutella     $5.30

and whipped cream

Confiture     $4.80

Choice of French preserves "Bonne Maman" and whipped cream

Chocolat     $5.30

Homemade melted chocolate sauce and whipped cream

Banane chocolat or Banane Nutella     $6.50

Banana, hot chocolate sauce or Nutella and whipped cream

Pomme Cannelle     $6.80

Caramelized apples, cinnamon, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.

Blueberry     $6.50

Blueberry preserve, blueberries, and whipped cream

Fraise     $6.80

Strawberry preserve, strawberries and whipped cream

Antoinette     $7.00

Organic marple syrup, pecan nuts, banana, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream

Side Orders

Fruit Salad     $2.70

Sautéed potatoes     $2.50

Bacon     $2.50

Mixed Greens     $2.00

Ham steack     $3.80

Two Eggs     $2.00

Toast     $1.25

French preserve "Bonne Maman"     $0.50

Hot Drinks

Regular Coffee or Decaf     $2.50

Expresso Single (regular or decaf)     $2

Double Expresso (regular or decaf)     $3

Cappuccino (regular or decaf)     $4

Moccha (regular or decaf)     $4

Coffee Latte (regular or decaf)     $4

Hot chocolate     $3.30

Tea     $2.50

Coffee or Hot chocolate Vienna (whipped cream )     $4


Cold Drinks

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite     $2.50

Juice     $2.20

(Orange, apple, cranberry, pineapple, tomato)

Ice Tea     $2.20

Lemonade     $2.20

Ice Coffee     $4

Evian (33.8oz)     $4

Nestle Pure Life (16.9 oz)     $1

San Pellegrino (16.9 oz)     $2.50

San Pellegrino (25.3 oz)     $4